10 Things That Make Us Different

1. Flat Rate Fees

When Sean O’Bryan started his law practice over 20 years ago, one of the first things he did was throw out his time book. Sean simply didn’t think that the practice of law should be billed based upon time alone. Rather, he believed a more equitable approach was to bill for the the job completed. Consequently, our fees are quoted up front for most legal services we perform. At any time, we would be happy to send you our fee schedule.

2. Unique Appointment Scheduling

We are a very busy law office. Our clients often pay us the ultimate compliment by referring their friends and family to us. As a result, non-emergency new clients can expect to wait a few weeks when they call to schedule an appointment.  That said, we reserve time in our schedule before that very first appointment to get your work done. That means from your initial appointment until the time your estate plan is completed, funded and given back to you, it usually takes no more than 2 weeks. Other law firms may schedule you a faster appointment - but we are confident that we do our best to complete work in a very timely fashion.

3. Estate Planning is All We Do

All areas of modern life have become more complex. Many years ago, most people might have only seen one doctor for most of their lives. Law is no different. Estate planning is simply too complex to trust your family’s assets to someone who isn’t well versed in this specialty.  Sean O’Bryan handles only estate planning. He spends hundreds of hours each year studying the complex tax, regulatory and law changes that affect estates and our seniors.

4. Law Firm Staff

Sean’s law firm staff, Aimee, Paula & Gina, have been working with him over a combined 60 years. Together, this team knows estate planning. When you call, you will know who you are dealing with, and can be confident that your legal matter is being handled by a trained and experienced professional.

5. A Work Product Second to None

Our estate plans are much more than a stack of legal documents returned to you with a staple in the corner. The estate plans we do become a family resource center. The red binder our clients receive when they complete their plan will contain everything their family needs to navigate the challenges they face later in life. We are very proud of our work product. Local bankers, insurance agents and people in the financial community continually rave about the plans our office produces.

6. Client Communication

For years, we have prided ourselves in providing information to our clients. From the beginning, we have maintained a current website, client newsletters, fact sheets, email newsletters and more detailed booklets and brochures explaining various legal issues. Sean speaks before civic and other community groups each year. His presentations often attract large crowds because of his speaking style and the information he delivers to people.

7. The Law in Plain English

An advance directive, a durable power of attorney for health care, a living will, a patient advocate designation. Sounds like a whole lot of confusing legal documents. Would you be surprised to find out those titles all reflect the same legal document? Sean has spent countless hours taking confusing and often unnecessary legal documents, and stripping them down to the basics - and explaining them in a way that clients can read and understand the first time. After all, what good is a stack of legal documents that you don’t understand and need a lawyer to explain to you when the time comes for them to be used?

8. We Are Local

Sean O’Bryan strongly believes that, regardless of who you hire to complete an estate plan, you should select a local attorney - preferably one who specializes in estate planning. You or your family will one day need to seek guidance from a trusted professional. Don’t wait until a time of crisis. Develop a relationship now with someone you can trust.

9. Your Legal Issue Won't Be Delegated

Sean doesn’t believe in delegating certain tasks in his office. He has steadfastly refused to take on other associate attorneys. His clients have hired him, and he takes that commitment seriously. Further, he drafts all of his own estate plans. Sean has worked for over two decades to refine his estate planning documents so that they are the most effective when your family needs them the most.

10. Problem Solving

Lets face it, getting older, becoming dependent on others for daily care, and the transfer of your assets to your family or the other people you choose isn’t fun for most people. Families are often broken apart during this period. Sean believes his first priority is that of a problem solver. This is one of the reasons he is so comfortable with estate planning - for he sees it as an opportunity to work with families to make a difficult time easier. He believes in taking a pro-active approach by anticipating problems unique to your family, and getting the right tools in place to address those issues.