What is a Cabin Trust? 

Simply put - a Cabin Trust is a legal document that can protect a cabin, cottage or recreational property for your family. 

Protection from what? Well, protection from probate, lawsuits, higher property taxes, nursing home costs, family disputes, and even your son or daughter’s future ex spouse -- just to name a few things.

Here in Michigan, a large percentage of families own property Up North. In the next decade, tens of thousands of these places will be transferred down to the next generation. Here is where problems can begin. According to a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, “The responsibility of inheriting these properties can cause terrific friction, and families find themselves in probate court, fighting over shares, taxes, upkeep and who mows the grass.”

A Cabin Trust is designed to solve these problems before they start. 

This site is designed to help answer some questions about why anyone who owns a cabin shouldn’t be without a Cabin Trust.