10 Simple Steps to Protect Your Family, Avoid Probate, and Sleep Better at Night

Most people like to procrastinate about a lot of things.  Perhaps nothing more than setting up an estate plan.  But it is all so confusing.  Where do I start?  Who do I trust? Can't anyone give me some basic direction without trying to sell me an annuity or convincing me I need to spend $5,000 for some 200 page trust I don't understand - and know my family won't either?

That is exactly what the Estate Bucket List is all about.  The Estate Bucket List is a simple, straight-forward series of 10 steps that anyone can - and should complete - regardless the size of your family or your estate.

These are 10 easy steps to designed save your family untold hassle and cost.  Most of these steps don't even require a lawyer - and can be completed at home in just a few hours.  The problem is that no one has ever told you to do these things.

The reason is often that lawyers make more money from families who fight or people who leave a big mess.  To most attorneys, there simply isn't a lot of benefit in directing people how to avoid legal costs.