For 25 years, Local Davison Estate Planning Attorney Sean O'Bryan has been taking complex estate planning concepts and making them easy for anyone to understand.  His has won accolades from clients and colleagues alike for his unconventional approach to helping families avoid the many pitfalls that can occur when money and real estate pass from one generation to another.  

Sean grew up in our area, and lives just outside of Davison on a family farm.  His full biography can be found here.

Sean feel very passionately about this area of of the law.  All our office does is estate planning, elder law & estate settlement. During his 2 and half decades in practice, Sean has established over 5,000 estate plans for families just like yours.  

The reason Sean is offering these workshops is that he is, quite frankly, sick and tired of having people come to him with stories of how they failed to plan or tried to do an estate plan on their own and ended up causing all kinds of problems for their family.  He also is bothered by a series of seminars that often prey on seniors in our area - promising to give them answers about estate planning and trusts - but end up really about trying to convince people to invest their money in some annuity or expensive $5,000 to $10,000 estate plan they don't really need.