Elder law attorneys specialize in the legal issues facing older people, which may include issues almost as diverse as the entire legal spectrum. The main issues addressed, however, involve advanced planning.  As people age, they become concerned about distributing their estates, establishing alternative decision makers in case of mental or physical incapacity, investigating possible long-term care needs (including the type of care and how to finance it), and otherwise ensuring a comfortable retirement. Often, people seek legal techniques for achieving these goals.

Proper estate planning and asset distribution before death can help the whole family. If this is done properly, an elderly person can receive the full value of Medicaid and Medicare benefits and can also preserve assets for an estate to benefit children and future generations.

Children of parents who are under home care, or in nursing homes or other assisted living arrangements, should make sure their parents are receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled. 

A 2 Minute Video on Hiring an Estate Attorney:

Elder Law Services:

• Medicaid Planning
• Medicare Planning
• Wills & Trusts
• Asset Protection
• Special Needs Trusts
• Estate and Gift Taxes
• Living Wills
• Powers of Attorney
• Guardianships
• Conservatorships