Our law firm gets calls every week about this issue.

If you recorded a deed, or own or set up a business in Michigan, be aware that a some companies are attempting to prey on your pocketbook for unnecessary services.

It starts when you receive a fake, but official looking statement in the mail.  The envelopes in both of these scams look like they are coming from a governmental agency. They are not.

Those who have recorded deeds, particularly in Genesee County, might get a mailing from a document retrieval service.  For a fee of $50 to $100.00, this company tells you it will provide a certified copy of your recorded deed, and that you need this for your record of property ownership. You don’t need this extra copy at all, and the truth is, you could get the same copy for as little as $2.00 directly from the county register of deeds office.

Those who who have formed a Michigan LLC should be aware that a non-governmental entity called “Corporate Records Service” is trying to collect a $125 fee to prepare unnecessary corporate records.  

These are misleading solicitations, and both the State of Michigan and many county offices are issuing warnings about these scams, which have increased in frequency in the past few months.

These companies use readily available public records from the internet to target you.  If you get such a solicitation, put it in the trash.  Better yet, call the company on their toll-free line and give them an earful.  Maybe if enough people complain - they will stop defrauding folks.

Here is the real kicker: if you send them your money - you get put on the sucker list.  You can expect to be targeted again and again.