Last week I suggested that you take pictures of your prescription medication with your cell phone camera.  It is an easy way to keep a list of the medications, doses, refill information and pharmacy in your pocket.

This week, I am suggesting that you likewise photograph the contents of your family's safe place - whether that be a safety deposit box, fire safe or gun safe at home.

One of the most common family arguments between children is that something is missing from the safe that Mom & Dad had in their home.  "Dad kept gold coins and lots of cash. How come my brother won't share that with us," is an often repeated statement to me when I sit down with a family to settle their parent's estate.  Taking these pictures is a simple, but effective way of keeping track of just what you have.  

I bet if you closed your eyes right now, and tried to recreate the contents of this safe - you would miss half of the contents.  Imagine if it was stolen, or there was bad fire that resulted in the destruction of what you placed in there?

Take the time to photograph and inventory the things you keep in this important location.  Your family and possibly your insurance agent will one day thank you.